19 Entertainment London based, UK biggest Entertainment Company, the project was to design and set and maintain their IT infrastructure and brings them up speed with their overwhelming expansion and success. "" "

Popworld Popworld is the one of many companies established by 19 entertainment, after the success with 19 entertainment, I was assigned to repeat the task and deliver a comprehensive IT system for a young and versatile company. """

Azzamn Daily News Paper I consider this project was the turning point in my life were it has broaden my horizon, I was the Head of project, Designing the system, implementing the solutions and maintaining the productions for 1 year. Azzaman newspaper now is the mostly circulated paper in Iraq at the moment. HYPERLINK """

Almushahid Assiyasi Providing solution and consultancy work up to current date, Almushahid Assiyasi is an Arabic Magazine was founded by the BBC and produced in London and circulated around the Arabic pan, ""

Alausboeyah Newly establish weekly magazine lunched Dec07, produced in Lebanon with office's around the globe, the rule was to design and implement a production system for the magazine and currently working on the Web portal which should be due in soon. Web portal is Currently under developments

ArabiaTube My personal Website following the success of ‘Youtube’ and other video content websites but with an Arab focus, attempting to get youth in the Arab world to communicate with each other and express their views and ideas and share their moment. It launched in 2006 and so far the response has been tremendous, """